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TheYouth wish happy birthday to SEVI

In 2016, YDCMA added something new to the program of the back then just five-year-old Eco Festival, namely the “July Morning” celebration at Koprinka Lake. For everyone who chose to welcome the first July sunrise on the shores of Koprinka lake, the notorious “SEVI” with their melodic hard rock sound and beautiful vocalist in the face of Svetlana Bliznakova. But who is “SEVI” – Svetlana Bliznakova, as they say, we briefly covered in the youth bulletin ” ДоброволциТЕ ” back then. Almost six years later, on the eve of preparations for the 12th edition of the Eco Festival, “SEVI” and the band continued to blow up the stage. They also celebrated their 12th birthday on stage with a stunning video and a big concert. The band presented their latest song “HateYou” and the video for it to more than 350 people at Sofia Live Club. The video for the song is the work of DarkWhite-vision, and the director is Nikola Koparov. In the main role, in a crazy race with all the incarnations of the vocalist enters Niki Petkov from the band Hammerhead, and at the end of the video in our heads seems to sound the message that we never know who we are competing with.

“I have not enjoyed such a significant event for the independent scene for a long time. Every second it is clear that these artists are passionate about their music and ideas, and this gives me reason to believe that Bulgarian hard rock and metal music not only has a promising future, but also its messages worldwide! Happy 12 years on stage! Keep inspiring and jumping high, “said Maria Ilieva, who was among the special guests at the event. Producer Kane Churko was one of the first to share the video with the words: “It was a pleasure for me to work on” Hate you “by the Bulgarian band SEVI. Killer vocals! It’s always nice to work with groups from all over the world. “

At the end of the evening, SEVI announced the big winners of the competition for young rock bands, which they organized on their Facebook page. Ex Libris left with the most votes from the fans, who had a whole week to vote. The young musicians will receive a professional recording of one song in the SEVI studio. “Bulgarian rock and metal will have a bright future. We are super hopeful from what we have heard in recent weeks – all the bands that sent us their recordings were great. Congratulations to the winners of Ex Libris, we expect them soon in our studio, “said the group for the competition.

Watch the new SEVI video

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