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“Take up, help yourself.”

Training course for youth workers, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 30.04-08.05.2022.

The core objective of TC “Take up, help yourself.”, is introduction of the
nonformal and informal methods and tools for youth workers that can foster
their contribution and support in the integration process in the labour market.
The group of participants will consist of 30 participants coming from 9 partner
countries, over 18 years old motivated to develop their competences in
applying nonformal methods to facilitate the young people’s integration on the
labour market. We aim to increase the level of awareness of youth workers
from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Spain, North
Macedonia, Sweden and Portugal regarding the impact of using nonformal
methods in helping youths get a job. Participants come from similar
backgrounds: countries with an increased level of unemployment and the
limited competences of youth workers where the young people face difficulties
when search for a job.TC comes as an answer to this problem and aims to help
young people to increase their job perspective and also from a macro point of
view leads to an increased level of youth employability. The profile of the
participants fulfils following criteria: -be a youth worker in the sending
organisation; -active in the youth work field; -have a B2 level of English
language; -interested to develop their competencies regarding nonformal
methods to empower youths; -motivated to contribute to their communities; –
come from communities with an increased level of unemployment; –
availability to get actively involved in all phases of the project until the end
(including the dissemination and exploitation of results); -gender balance and
non-discrimination principles are considered.

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