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The team of YDCMA and the volunteers of the project “Greener Europe” on March 1 at High School of Light Industry and Tourism, Kazanlak became part of the official launch of a new reality project “Step on top!” For three months, the high school teachers – Tina Yaneva, Stefka Stancheva, Cornelia Vladeva, Maya Glushkova, Dimitar Spasov and Vladimir Ralev will mentor their students. The goals of the project are to improve the mental and emotional health, spiritual balance, tolerance and charity, to improve the physical condition and to improve the speaking abilities of the students. Visits to theater productions, film screenings, meetings with successful people in various fields, organization of charity events, acquaintance with techniques for dealing with stress are also planned.
The whole process of change will be documented and broadcast on social media by mentors. At the end of the reality project, an online vote will be held to select the most motivated and most developed participant, who will be the first to reach the top. There will also be a favorite of the audience, which will monitor the development of each of the high school students. TheVolunteers youth media will also cover the process through its volunteers who arrived in the City of Roses under the European Solidarity Corps program.
Each mentor will work not only with his team but also with the other participants, and joint meetings and activities will be organized, giving additional improvement of the social and personal skills of the students in the project.
Maya Glushkova is the person who will contribute to the moral education of adolescents in the spirit of tolerance, charity, mutual aid and charity. The team “Angels” – Stilyan Nedelchev, Alexandra Velkova and Ivan Yordanov will work in several areas:
– Giving examples of good things that can be easily implemented in everyday life, which improve the community environment, change the benefactor and help those who need help.
– Respect for people who express different from our thoughts, opinions, beliefs, lifestyles or customs.
– Achieving inner self-confidence and satisfaction from the joy of someone, in response to our generous gift, help, kind words and cause.
The goal of the mentor from the “Angels” team is to help each of us rethink the values ​​in life and find the benefactor in ourselves. We are doing this and we are therefore very happy about the upcoming activities. We start on March 9….

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