Youth politic in Georgia

According to the Georgian Youth Policy Document, the strategic direction of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia is to promote and develop non-formal education. To achieve this goal, the Ministry has identified the following priorities:

1. A program for establishing a healthy lifestyle and involving young people in cultural and creative activities Objective:

The aim of the program is to promote the mass involvement of youth in sports and cultural-creative activities, to promote and establish a healthy lifestyle.

 The program also aims to create an environment for young people where they can spend their free time productively. The program will include cultural and creative activities, student days, educational events, intellectual competitions and more.

2. Non-formal education development program Goal:

 The goal of the program is to develop a non-formal education program this year. Nationwide, train non-formal education coaches. Intensify support for the activities of youth organizations. Encourage and support the promotion of the institution of volunteering.

3. Student Youth Support Program Objective:

 The aim of the program is to activate student self-governments and support self-government reform, as well as to support and encourage the best student initiatives.

4. Disability Integration Program Purpose:

Inclusion in the society of persons with disabilities; Promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle; Motivation to work in the cultural-creative field; Discovering and motivating talented young people; Raising the level of knowledge of the population of Georgia on the topic of persons with disabilities; Employment of persons with disabilities.

5. Young Ambassadors Program of Georgia (Be the Young Ambassador of Your Country) Aim:

The aim of the program is to inform Georgian and foreign peers living abroad about the economy, education, culture, sports, youth policy and history of our country through Georgian youth living abroad. Public and private sector representatives, who are potential employers of young people, will create a unified database of young people with socially active and highly academic backgrounds living abroad, which will be of interest to employers in Georgia.

6. Volunteering Development Program Objective:

The aim of the program is to strengthen the institution of volunteering, to create a unified network of volunteers throughout Georgia, to raise civic awareness among young people, to increase the number of young people interested in volunteering across the country, to break the stereotypes around volunteering. For the benefit of the society, to promote the idea of ​​selfless labor based on one’s own will.

This is not all, Georgian govermant working about diferente programs to make young peoples life more interesting and productive.  Young people are very important for the development of the counrtry, so the main thing is to help them and offer various programs.

 Maia Evsia

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