Eco-Fest 2021

On the first day of the “Eco Festival” 2021, the volunteers of the YDCMA Association under the project “Mutual Aid 4” of the program “European Solidarity Corps” and the children from the summer academy of the community center  “Probuda-1920” Koprinka were able to meet and watch the films created by the volunteers for environmental protection. You can watch the movies at the links:

The challenge for all participants was to create their own videos with topics “Earth”, “Air”, “Fire” and “Energy”, which they made together on July 6, 2021.
We share with you the films of children and volunteers, created in TIK TOK from today.


What goes around comes around!!! Take care of your trash! #nature #ecokids #ecology #plasticpollution #recycle #polution @football_player_567

♬ Believer – Kaskade Remix – Imagine Dragons & Kaskade

The children also learned about alternatives to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, which was presented to them by Maria Slavova, Chair of Mutual Aid, such as ecological washing powder, ecological tablets for cleaning a washing machine, ecological stain remover and reusable diapers, which she uses at the moment for her daughter.

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