Youth Exchange in Romania

Title: YES for equality!
Place: Traisteni, Romania
Period: 20.05 – 27.05.2023, but you should arrive on 19.05.2023 and departure on 28.05.2023!!!
Participants: 30 young people, 18-27 years old and 5 leaders (no age limit for the leader).
Partners: Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Turkiye and Romania.


Gender inequality is a reality that women must face in their everyday life and Romanian society makes no exception from this situation. With 54.5 out of 100 points, Romania ranks 25th in the EU on the Gender Equality Index. Its score is 13.5 points below the EU’s score. The other country partners involved in project are all above Romania but not too much (Lithuania 58.4, Slovakia 56.0, Poland 56.6), except Spain with 73.7 points which is among the highest scores in the EU (ranking third).
Having in consideration the current situation (local and national) and the EU Gender Equality Strategy, by this project, we invite different actors (local authorities, NGOs, youngsters) to put their “gender glasses” on and think critically of how they approach gender inequality and gender-based discrimination and how they can mainstream gender.
As well, will ensure that participants embrace the values necessary or the creation of a human rights culture, such as respect, solidarity, and non-discrimination as these are necessary pre-requisites for gender equality.
The working methods will be based on non-formal learning. The methodology that will be used will include methods based on communication (interaction, dialogue, open discussions), methods based on activities (exchange of experience, practice and experimentation), methods focused on the social side (partnerships, teamwork, group activity) and self-knowledge methods (creativity, discovery, responsibility, action).
Each participant will receive at the end of the project the Youthpass Certificate.

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