Call for the Reloaded Project

Do you like traveling? Would you like to try to live in a different country? That would be an exciting experience, wouldn’t it? But what if the local community will not accept you? What if you don’t find a job and friends just because you are from a different country?

The Youth Exchange “Reloaded” will show you how to give people a chance to show how they are, instead of judging them for where they are from or how they look. Let’s eliminate fears of different cultures or beliefs coming from unknown, misunderstandings, and judgments caused by stereotypes.

The project is focused on intercultural dialogue and communication of the local community with immigrants, raising awareness of a struggle against racial and other discriminatory prejudices, and enhancing skills and competencies of the young participants for work with migrants and refugees.

Where: Bulgaria, the Rhodope Mountains
When: 6th – 14th September 2019
Who can apply: young people 18-30 yo from Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, and Poland
Application deadline: 16th of August

The costs of the youth exchange are covered by the Erasmus+ program, and participants are free of charge. Participants are provided with accommodation, 3 meals per day and travel cost reimbursement up to the limit for their country. Find more details in the info-pack.

Apply by filling the application form:

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