Find the future in the past

Time-lapse is a photography technique capturing an event within a longer exposure time. It’s a certain metaphor for a seminar about intergenerational communication. A collage, capturing the whole life of a real person, has been created by participants as a visualization of a wide range of experience gained during life.

Seniors nowadays in the western world lose of respect. Especially in the eyes of young people, they are perceived as somebody who doesn’t understand how the modern world works, because they are not able to keep pace with time. It is just one side point of view. They are definitely slower and not so capable of using modern technology, but in many other aspects, their experience is worth diamonds. If they just were heard. If we were truly listening to them…

On the other side, modern life puts a lot of responsibility and requirements for the youth. They are thrown to the water to learn to swim, and if they fail, who do we blame? There is nothing better than learning by mistakes, but we don’t always have to start from scratch and do all the mistakes by ourselves.

One day seminar The Time-lapse was using methods of non-formal education to lead a conversation and exchange of experience between 6 young people and 6 seniors. The long-life wisdom was shared in exchange for young enthusiasm, motivation, joy, and innocence. The powerful attitude of the youth which sometimes lacks in seniors is a source of health. It’s the faith and hope in the future that gives energy to young people and helps them to overcome obstacles. But it’s missing to seniors and affects their physical health.

Two problems with one solution – just build the bridge between generations. That’s what the Time-lapse seminar was about.

About the seminar

Date and place: 21. 11. 2019 in Kazanlak, Bulgaria
Activities: role-playing, discussions, visualizations, team-work, creative artwork
Participants: 6 high-school students, 6 pensioners
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