International training in Poland

Between the 1st and the 7th of December the Polish NGO Phoenix organised an international training course which took place in the mountain resort Zakopane.The course was an Erasmus+ project. Youth Developement center – Mutual Aid sent two people from Kazanlak to participate.

The event gathered thirty people from eleven countries in Europe ( Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Maceedonia, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Hungary and Bulgaria). The perticipants learned a great deal about organising different events and presentations no matter the subject. The most important part of the course was learning about presentation and different graphical tools that can be used.

The graphical methods of presentation are easiest to perceive and understand for the audience and therefore that was a subject that the course focused on a lot. The participants to get to know the main methods of graphical presenting and the main rules they have to follow when it comes to the use of coloursm shapes and so on.

During the first few days the principles of “visual presentation” were introduced and after that the participants were thaught about eight principles of the graphical vocabulary. Visual presenting the presenter the opportunity to very flexibly communicate with th eaudience and create a connection with them. The fact itself that ones ideas can be presented graphically gives the audience the opportunity to better understand the subject even if it is a hard or a complicated one. As we know humans comprehend information much easier when it is presented visually rather than written for example.

In May 2020 Youth Developement center – Mutual Aid will organise a similair training course called “Sculptures of ideas”. It will take place in the Rodopi mountain. The course will also be an Erasmus+ project.

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