The World of Poetry Wings

On the morning of Saturday the 25th of January, Kazanlak’s Iskra Library was the stage for poetry from different corners of the world. Organized in a partnership between Iskra Library, United Avangard Artist and YDCMA, „ The World of Poetry Wings “ event gave local poetry lovers a chance to gather and read out loud their poems of choice. Participants were encouraged to read poetry from their favorite authors, both from Bulgaria and other parts of the world, as well as their own poems. At Wings of Poetry, we had the chance to listen to texts from authors as diverse as Walt Whitman, Fernando Pessoa, Federico Garcia Lorca and, of course, many Bulgarian authors. As poetry never comes alone, we also took breaks to hear live music accompanied by guitar. Bowie, Yves Montand, and Edith Piaf are some of the names of musicians whose songs spectators of this event had the chance to listen to. At a visitor’s suggestion, the whole event was wrapped up into a poem written together by all the participants. This event promises to be a series of monthly gatherings that will unite local poetry with international poetry.

The next happening will be on March 7th.

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