The mysteries of grandma

At the Dr “Petar Beron” Primary School in the village of Ovoshtnik, under the slogan “The mysteries of grandma”, the activity of the project “Interaction and Integration” took place. The event was attended by kids and parents who, under the tutelage of women from the retired club in the village, had the opportunity to go back in time and get acquainted with some of the women’s crafts like knitting and embroidery, almost unknown to today’s generations. Children who desired to learn also received their first gadulka playing lessons. The women of the retirement club also performed some authentic folk songs from South Trakia that in the next events within the project children and parents will study together.

By representatives of the two partner organizations of the school project – “Youth Development Center-Mutual Aid” And “United Avangard Artist” as well as volunteers the kids also received their first lesson in photography, and an exhibition will be opened with pictures taken by them at the end of the project. Yet, they have to learn how to shoot with a video camera, and with the gained knowledge they will create a movie for the school and the project.

Kids need to know what their grandparents were coping with, this is necessary for both sides, them and us. We feel very comfortable in this school, I am very happy every time I cross its threshold, it is a pity that over the years the children are less. We need to gather people of different generations more often.

said Maria Arabadzhieva, one of the pensioners’

The activity took place in the already created “Parent’s Corner”, which within the project will act as a kind of small stage and will be used for joint work in the two clubs “Tolerance” and “From nothing” by parents, kids, teachers, volunteers, psychologists and experts from the non-governmental sector.

I am pleased that in addition to the children, their parents, grandparents, as well as representatives of our project partners, were present here. Our goal in the project is to pay attention to the way of life and culture of different ethnicities, to teach the children to respect the traditions of their ancestors, who, unfortunately, are forgotten nowadays.

said the school’s director Dimitar Gaydarov

He explained that the project involves mutual acquaintance of parents and children of different ethnicities and their upbringing in the spirit of tolerance, involvement of parents in the educational process, creation of conditions for their successful socialization through musical and therapeutic-psychological innovative activities, enhancing the motivation of children and their parents to participate in the educational process by overcoming negative social attitudes based on ethnic origin. The project is being implemented under the program of the Centre for Educational Integration of Children and Students from Ethnic Minorities at the Ministry of Education.

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