“Hunger vs Covid” – culinary SATIATES IN 4 PARTS

The Covid pandemic, through the amusing gaze of the volunteers and the team of the United Avangard Artist NGO, has been at the heart of their work for the past seven months. Nobody trusts anyone and everyone invents their own version of the world. This is one way of driving entire societies crazy. There are many reasons for this situation, but it is obvious that one of them is the sudden and massive loss of confidence in both the ruling elites and the experts – in those we once called “scientists”. This loss of confidence is not sudden. The soil for it has been prepared for a long time. Meanwhile, “scientists” already known as “experts” have simply begun to propagate and intimidate with “data”. We were locked up in our homes and what was left for us to become experts in cooking…

Through the traditions and cuisine, we present you how to make a cake with tomatoes, moussaka, ratatouille, tortilla in the mini series of four films ” Hunger vs Covid” part of the nineteen satirical films of the “Missions” Project. The music for them is authored by Simeon Rafailov – drummer of the famous in the recent past group “Reverse Effect”.

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