Measures in light of registered COVID-19 cases

According to the Flu Epidemic in Bulgaria and six cases of Corona Virus in Republic Bulgaria, the following volunteers are informed about it and instructed how to act in the situation for measures to spread it as follows.

To restrict contacts in their free time and to don’t work in Elderly house and Daily care centers till the end of the epidemic situation;

То use gloves during our Campain activities;

To reduce contacts with strangers; Pay attention to the sanitary distance (1.5 m);

Wash hands longer according to health authority instructions and/or use hand sanitizers when needed;

Inform a representative of the organization immediately if you feel unwell;

Prophylactically, we advise you to take vitamin C or immunostimulants by consulting a pharmacist;

Disinfect your office workspace with 95% v / v ethyl alcohol solution;

The events planned by the HRMD (Bulgarian national agency) are postponed until the second-order, due to the need to take measures to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19 virus and other viral diseases, and in accordance with the Minister’s of Health Care Order No. РД-01-114 / 05.03.2020 and Order No. РД-09-606 / 03/09/2020. of the Minister of Education and Science.

Until the second-order, the beneficiaries will be consulted mainly by e-mail and telephone, and only as a last resort, after a pre-arranged telephone meeting

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