The first death in Bulgaria! Unfortunately, after sharing the experience of Singapore and our instructions to the Volunteers … we now have to write the saddest news at this time about the development of the situation in our country … the woman suffering from a coronavirus in Pirogov (hospital in Sofia) has died, the health ministry said. Condolences to the family!

Currently, there are outbreaks of the virus in Bulgaria in Sofia, Pleven and Gabrovo.

Anton Valev – Master of Pharmacists and part of the founders of YDCMA in 2004 said: “At the moment in Bulgaria there is not a single medicinal product with which there is evidence that we can treat coronavirus. There are two medicals that can affect, but both are not available in Bulgaria. “

He also shared what people are doing right now:

Do not appear in places where there is a large gathering of people. After contact with any kind ofobjects, wash your hands with soap and use alcohol-based disinfectant – 80% alcohol. If the concentration is lower, it is not effective against the coronavirus. It is important to change our diet – reducing consumption of pasta, dairy products and sweets – including drinks and food. It is important to avoid overeating because it lowers your immunity. We can take medicines and supplements.

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