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Why become a volunteer?

I have heard about the volunteer program a long time ago. About the great opportunities, the experience, and knowledge that the volunteer program gives you. However, there was never the courage to take this crucial step. But when I read about the Forest Tale I realized it was my chance. The project offered to understand more about ecosystem pollution and lots of activities about ecology as well.

I live in an industrial city and I face this problem every day. I think I am actively involved in the development of my city and the money received here will help me do even more and make young people interested in taking care of the environment. Learn more about what harm our every step does to the environment and how it returns to us.

And why at last this project?

In addition to getting to know the ecosystem, this project allows me to get to know different cultures, taste dishes of different countries, discover Bulgaria, which is a really beautiful country, be more sociable, and increase my opportunities to introduce my country to foreigners. The activities offered by this project allow you to be more creative, sociable, and also allow you to express your opinion. I really like the activities that first let us see the problem and then help to find ways to solve it, and we hear a lot of ideas, we have discussions, and we finally get to the best step. The best feeling is when you realize that you are now a member of the family and everyone cares to support you and share their experiences with you right now.

This is my first volunteer program and I will never forget the unforgettable two months that this project Fairy Tale gave me. This project is full of challenges now, news and opportunities, loving and caring people who are always by your side also It’s an amazing experience, get more knowledge, be more active, and just volunteer to change your life for the better.

The article is part of the project “Forest tale” of AYVOB, funded by ESC of the EU.


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