COMPOSTING with Tony and Iliana

This video is part of our “Forest??? Tale” ESC project. We would like to give you more details about COMPOSTING, show you how to do it in practice and motivate you to do it at home?!

Today the volunteers from the project of ESC “Forest? tale”, would like to give you some insights about composting and the benefits➕ from it!

“What is composting❓

➡️ A biological degradation process that help us to reduce the biological waste that usually is going in the general bin ?️ and complicates the recycling of other materials.

Why to do it❓

➡️ When you do it in the right way you could use the compost as an organic fertilizer for your garden ??? for higher quality production.

What CAN you compost❓

➡️ Egg shells?, peels from fruits? and vegetables?, coffee sludge ☕, dry leaves?, bread?, grass?, straw, flowers?, sawdust, branches, carton, tea pack, warms, napkins and etc. (ask us for more).

What you CAN’T compost❓

➡️ Pasta?, coal, meat?, yoghurt?, oil?️, processed food? and more.

How to compost at home❓

➡️ Mix a little paper? without ink with dry soil in the bottom of a bucket. We have to balance the ingredients in proportion 2 (green  and wet) : 1 (brown and dry). You need a levelled, dry place with no direct sun light?.”

If you have questions, ask us in the comments. Follow us for more information and practical advices on composting!

Tony and Iliana

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