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The Bee Farm in the village Aglen

During our “Forest Tale” project we’ve visited The Bee Farm in the village Aglen. It was such a nice experience and we’ve learned a lot about the bees, their lives and the production of honey. There are three types of bees:

– “worker bees”;

– “male bees”;

– “mother bee”;

The worker bees are the bees that pollinate the plants and collect the pollen. The male bees are the guardians – they protect the hive from invaders. Actually, the other bees expel them during the wintertime, because there is no work for them at that time of the year. There is nothing to protect the hive from. And they will just eat the honey. The mother bee lives about three years. It gets fertilized once – the mother bee goes about 3000 meters up in the sky with all of the male bees and choose one of them. After that, she lays about 2 000 eggs every day. You can understand which the mother bee is with very easy because she is bigger than the others. In the hive, there are about 5000 – 6000 bees. If the bees are too much they fly away from the hive with a new mother bee and create a new hive. This information is very important because the bees have a significant role in the well-being of the planet. If bees disappear we, human beings, will disappear too. There will be no one to pollinate the plants, which means that there will be almost no oxygen.

The article is part of the project “Forest tale” of AYVOB, funded by ESC of the EU.

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