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“Rent a tree”

During our “Forest Tale” project we’ve visited an apple garden near Suhindol village. The owners of the garden offer an interesting option – “Rent a tree”. This means that you pay an annual or a seasonal fee and you receive the production. You can get it in different products:

– Apples;

– Vinegar;

– Juice;

– Marmalade;

– Dried apples;

You can rent a tree for yourself or buy a voucher for friends, family or colleagues. When it comes to the production and receiving it, you can decide how exactly to do it – you can go to the apple garden and collect it by yourself or you can order it as a shipment to your apartment. All of those options give you a lot of freedom and of course products of good quality. You have the opportunity to participate in the process, by taking care of the trees and learn some gardening skills. You are also able to make team buildings there or go with your family and friends. When we visited the garden we had the opportunity to paint the base of the tree with lime and also to help with cutting some branches. We’ve learned how to take care of apple trees and also about the innovative initiative – “Rent a tree”. Thanks to that initiative you receive an ecologically grown product directly from a Bulgarian producer and support it.

The article is part of the project “Forest tale” of AYVOB, funded by ESC of the EU.

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