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Friday 03/07

Since morning everyone was working on their group works and adding the final touch for the presentation in the afternoon. All of us were focused to finish the tasks on time. At 3.30 pm, we showed all of the things we have done during the week. The film making team impressed all of us with their horror movie! The cooking team presented us some nice recipe videos. The Journalism team presented their articles which are worth reading.

At 6 pm, some volunteers left for Burgas to spend the weekend.

The volunteers at the house went for a rock concert at the Hope live club in the city center. It was a Nirvana tribute concert. The band “Appreciation” rocked the night and we really enjoyed the concert.

Saturday 04/07

The volunteers in Burgas went for some sightseeing to the beach and later at Lake Atanasovsko. 

At the house, we had a guest, Kaloyan who is a friend of Rasheed and Ahmed’s. Three of them went to visit Koprinka lake at Buzludzha in Stara Zagora and Shipka memorial church. In the afternoon, the volunteers in the house had dinner together which was hosted by Rasheed, Ahmed and Eszther. 

The volunteers in Burgas visited museums and tried some local dishes at a restaurant. At night they went to a Karaoke bar and had a lot of fun.

Sunday 05/07

Volunteers in Burgas enjoyed some more hours in the beach and the city as they had to come back to Kazanlak in the afternoon. 

Marta went to Sofia to receive Sara who we had been waiting for to join us for 2 weeks. They arrived at the house at 5pm. After a while the volunteers from Burgas arrived and the house was full again!  Kaloyan, our Bulgarian friend cooked some Bulgarian dishes for all of us. And we had the biggest dinner with about 25 people.

Later in the night, while we were spending some free time  in the balcony, Rasheed proposed Eszther with a sunflower seed and got married in presence of the ‘Priest’ Ricardo.

Monday 06/07

In the morning at 10:30 all of the volunteers went to the office. Krass and Nasko gave us the English version of the Eco-festival schedule. We discussed the whole event, especially about our horse riding with Tracian spirit at the village of Goliamo Driaonovo. We planned to have a barbecue and stay the night there. After the office meeting all of the teams came home and started working on their group projects.

From the cooking and workshop team, Faria made butter chicken and chapati and everyone in the house loved the dish!

Tuesday 07/07

The Journalism team  went to Stara Zagora at noon to know more about the city. They walked around the city center and made a cover of the famous Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. At the house, the workshop and cooking team made a handbag from an old T-shirt as part of the workshop. Carlos from the cooking and workshop team made Pisto and rice with coconut milk. The film making team shot for their movie in the road near the house and picked some cherries!

Wednesday 08/07

In the morning, all of us continued doing our group work. Kati from the workshop and cooking team made some bracelets with an old t-shirt for the workshop. Isn’t it amazing that we can make so many useful things from old things that we do not need anymore?! The film making team and cooking team kept editing their videos throughout the day while the journalist team worked on their articles. It was a busy working day for us as we have to present our works tomorrow instead of Friday!

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