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Technically our duties started week before at the beginning of July. During this time we organize workshops and create some eco movies for future events.

Eco Festival started in 10th of July in Tiulbeto Park at the outdoor stage behind the Thracian tomb. During opening of the festival, we held Yoga and Zumba dance classes and present Wildlife Rescue Center “Green Balkans” in the morning. Closer to midnight we organize Movie Night where we show the eco movie “2040” and the films that were created by us.

Festival continued from 14th of July with workshops at Rosarium Park that include dancing and drawing classes, some kids activities and many more. Also we ran a clothing exchange charity initiative “Without money” in front of the Youth house and held a Language Café at Tiulbeto park where we present our homeland countries of Spain, Hungary, Italy, Germany, France and others. Throughout the Eco Festival, we provide these events several times.

On 15th of July – and then again on 29th – we came for the cleaning of Koprinka lake from the trash on polluted areas. The next day we visit the string musical instruments factory “Kramona”.

On 18th of July, we spent another Movie Night at Tiulbeto Park. This time show two films from United Avangard Artist: “Shipka – The heart of Bulgaria” by Rumen Somov and “Wired” by volunteer Ruben Pais. During 19th of July, we helped to repair doghouses in the dog shelter “Animal Hope” in the town Kran.

On 27th of July, we visit the Water Treatment Plant in Ovoshtnik where we made a documentary movie about it.

The last days of Eco Festival have been pretty calm. On the 30th of July we visit workshops for disable people and later in the evening present a book about Covid-19 Pandemic in Kazanlak “I offer you what I have kept in silence” by Rumen Somov from United Avangard Artist in community center “Vazrodena Iskra-2000”. A few days later, on the first of August, we take part in arranging open discussion on “Life with zero-waste – practical advice on how to reduce our daily waste” and workshops for creating eco-friendly bags and toothpaste again at Rosarium park.

The 5th and 6th of August were the final days of the Eco Festival 2020. After opening the “10 years Eco Festival” exhibition at the Info Center on Iskra № 4 street we finished working on documentaries about this year Eco Festival and held the end ceremony in Youth house.

So this is the END of the “Eco festival” Kazanlak 2020 and “Deep roots” project…

In the gallery you can see some interesting moments:

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