Youth Politics in Turkey

Young people are the most important part of the population of countries. They are the future and many countries have different policies to guide the youth in the right way and to provide them with various advantages and there are many advantageous policies for youth in Turkey.
Turkey has a privileged and dynamic with the young population. Firstly there are 2 types of young people in countries. The first one is students. Especially, regardless of age, people who study for exams to apply colleges, high schools. The government gives a lot of opportunities for them to study with different free courses. Also, when a student applies for a college in another city, he/she can move to the state dormitories for a quite cheap price. Students can apply for government scholarships and have enough monthly money to meet their needs.
For the second part of the young people, there are a lot of free courses for them to improve their skills like languages, sports, art etc. Regardless of their type, there is an opportunity to direct young people to sportive activities. Every town has free gyms and they have weekly sports calendars. For this activity, the youth can just go and take part without any application. In addition, there is many projects are being carried out in order to change the perspective of young people towards sports and to protect them from harmful substances (such as drugs).
Also supporting young people, both as creators and consumers, in the field of culture and art, is an important investment for the future of Turkey. Every year, in musical courses, hundreds of students get an education. It’s optional to choose the instrument like piano, guitar, violin, flute, Turkish Folk Choir and Turkish Classical Music Chorus. The lessons are given practically. This program is free and those who complete their training receive a certificate at the end of the course. In addition, for transportation, cinema, theatre, the students are able to have a cheaper price than normal. The government gives young people the chance to benefit and read, with many free libraries. Also, these libraries have study desks with desk lamps for students to study. Some of them are open during the day, others are for 24 hours.
Superficially, such is the youth policy in Turkey. There are many policies like these, and there are ample opportunities for young people to lead productive lives.

Irmak Ada Yalçın

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