“The “good” is investment in the future. The Bad – The Instant Feast “

The well-known Rumen Somov, a famous tattooist, former journalist, film and theatre director is the first volunteer in the Municipality of Kazanlak in connection with the declared state of emergency. Here are his 5 reasons to become a volunteer:

1. Being a volunteer is an action that in any case fills in the gap in the public system and complements it because it has not predicted a resource for it. One type of volunteer is often the only chance to correct invisible or unforeseen problems.

2. In addition to performing a publicly useful activity that plays a part in your community’s favour, you also play a role in correcting it because you are showing its weaknesses and missing units, proving with hard work that more attention should be paid to these areas. So, the volunteer isn’t just helping society practically and changing it.

3. Volunteering in your desire to help when you can and with whatever you can / fully reflect the Christian values ​​I profess / except that it makes me better and contributes as much to my depoliticization / as possible today /. Politicians are people with different views and morals facing each other to stand up for themselves. Volunteers are also people with different views and morals, but united by a specific humane cause, and what’s better than that.

4. Exept all that we mention before, the volunteer is an example of people who want to help with something noble and at the same time a contrast that allows us to distinguish between hypocrites and traders more the clearly and tangibly. Many of the people around us are self-absorbed by their goals in life / at any cost and for any purpose / serviced or behaving arrogantly, and as grey about white goes white, it will become clear to society how black these individuals are

5. I mostly volunteering because I believe in the future. The future in which my children and the children of my children will live. I want this future to be better than the present so that a part of myself can live through my generation in a better life. The “good” is investment in the future. The “bad” momentous of feast and celebration that always ends quickly and tragically. Being greedy and unscrupulous today is a steal from your children’s future, the opposite is an investment, and I love my children

Rumen Somov

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