Why should I become a volunteer?

Nowadays, the most common decease amongst young people is not covid – 19, in fact – it is boredom. Many boys and girls across the world do not know what to do with their lives after they have finished high school or university, or during their gap year. Some of them start to work something really different from their field, but others seek adventure. One of the opportunities for the latter is something called “volunteery work”.

Thanks to the European Union and the programs it provides for each country member of it, many youngsters can do something good both for them, and for the others. Volunteering combines a lot of things in one – a chance to travel across Europe, a way to get back to yourself and to your nature, a chance to meet new and interesting people, their culture and traditions. This is an adventure that never ends, and once a certain project is over, you can always candidate for another one, in another country and with other people.

A volunteer is a person who does something, especially helping other people, willingly and without being forced or paid to do it. But a volunteer is also a person with a big and kind heart, who puts the others on first place.

For me, being a volunteer is something new, an adventure that I know will have a happy ending. I have met a lot of new people, learned more about their countries, culture and how they live, I have practiced my English and I have learned that helping the others is something really important because what goes around comes around. Last but not least I have found new friendships and learned that the most important thing is to be a human, no matter who is in front of you.

Preslava Jeleva

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