Volunteering Is Learning

Be a volunteer at some point in my life was always an objective for me. Since last year I was searching for an opportunity until I found the EVS program. The first step was when I participated in a youth exchange for 10 days in Slovenia which was one of the best experiences that I’ve already had. It was the click that I needed to make this decision and live abroad for 2 months in Bulgaria.

Being a volunteer is something that everyone should experience, today we live in so selfish world and helping someone without any direct personal benefit is something increasingly rare. Most people don’t understand what it is to be a volunteer and, in my personal experience, how someone makes that decision.

For me volunteering is more than helping others, it is a personal experience where you can learn a lot from other people. It is an experience that forces you to be creative and to get out of your comfort zone because sometimes living in a country with a completely different language and culture can be an adventure.

Until now I know that this was the best decision that I’ve made. Even if it is hard for most people I know to understand my decision to drop everything and become a volunteer. I needed this kind of change in my life because I didn’t want to look back and regret things that I didn’t do in my life.

Rute Martinho from Portugal

Rute is a volunteer on a short term EVS project the “Deep Roots” in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. Learn more about her in the article: “Meet the Ecofest 2019 Organizational Team“.

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