On-arrival training – Bella

First few weeks or even months of voluntary service are normally hanging by a thread. New country, new language, and thousands of new elements in the life of the volunteers. However, there is one point which everyone knows it will come and it will help to form all dreams, expectations, and duties. Ergo, this occasion is On-arrival training.

Let´s turn the lens on my own experience within it. The very first week of September, just as 2 months have already run away. We´ve been in Sofia. At the reception of the pompous hotel, people were automatically greeting each other, expressing friendliness and enthusiasm for upcoming days on board. And that’s how it all started.

Schedule of sessions with our trainers was very intensive. In 4 days, there was a big portion of themes to discuss. All volunteers were supposed to get acquainted with assertive solving problem issues, health insurance information, become aware of cultural challenges and improve their communication skills as well as intercultural understanding.

But you know how it works. Folks took just that piece of the puzzle they needed by now. Nevertheless, entire group boosts its conversation abilities for certain. As the sessions, coffee breaks and nights went, we’ve grown into a quite terrific team. Throughout the small chats to the big parties, we were gently becoming friends.

Worthy of mention is also an impressive session of crisis management. In the life, we’re all living here as volunteers, is not just beneficial to be informed in the mentioned field, but I would say it’s necessary. Our experienced trainers found, as always, the original and cheerful way how to literally catch our attention.

So, in a nutshell, it was a matchless experience to me.

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