The missions -COVID started satire in 19 parts

The volunteers of the United Avangard Artist Association, under the “Missions” project of the European Solidarity Corps program, are now ready with three of the nineteen sketches set for production under the project. The first ready-made titles are: “Vaccines and Humans”; Covid 69; and “Breaking news”. Volunteers of the YDCMA, also supported their creation. Tsetso, Joanna and Paula actively work with Divna, Marta, Christina, etc. to have a quality and fun product.

The main goal of the organization and the project is to promote the development of young people in the activities, encouraging them and helping them to develop their physical, creative and spiritual qualities. It is planned that by the created conditions for realization and dissemination of creative ideas and products, helping to promote communication and friendship between the participants, by the end of November they will be ready with three or four more sketches. They will be in the thematic direction “Covid in the kitchen”.

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