New volunteers by Mutual Aid 2 Project

On 19.02.2020, a new volunteer from Spain and a volunteer from Latvia arrived in Kazanlak to participate in media activities at the Youth Development Center – Mutual Aid on the development of the Youth Bulletin “TheYouth” and the website

Marta from Spain and Olegs from Latvia will spend a total of 10 months in the city of roses under the Mutual Aid II project under the European Solidarity Corps program. They will be joined by Tibalt from Belgium and Christina from Russia. They are due to arrive in late March in our city. For the first time in the fifteen-year existence of the organization, it will work with a Russian volunteer.

Marta Rios is 28 years old, has a background as a journalist, has been on an Erasmus + student exchange and is eager to develop her ability to work with people. In her spare time, she practices yoga.

Olegs Radomislenskis is 21 years old, has graduated soon from the university and is motivated to develop, has interests in filmmaking and is generally artistic, is interested in Slavic culture and that is why the project arrives in Bulgaria.

Thibaut Schwalek is 24 years old, has French roots, has lived in various European cities and international environments, has experience in language learning and computers.

The Youth development center Mutual Aid is constantly inviting volunteers for educational, social and environmental projects. New perspectives offered by people from different countries can broaden our horizons, bring new ideas, as well as the motivation, interests, and perspectives that come with the “new blood”.

Currently, the organization has 4 more volunteers from Bulgaria, France, Tunisia and Czech Republic under the Mutual Aid project of the European Solidarity Corps program.

Some of the recent events organized by Mutual Aid with Volunteers are the Eco-Festival, Language Cafes in the Library, “Without Money”, “Without Money for Newborns”, “Coffee Exotic”, “Free Soup”, “Shoot up Your Creativity”, “Danish Film Festival”, seminar “Time laps”, project for “Solidarity Community” under the program “European Solidarity Corps”.

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