Eco Energy

Project summary

Dates: 19.6 – 16.8 2023 (59 days which includes 2 days of travelling)

Place: The Municipality of Kazanlak, Bulgaria including all of the settlements that the municipality covers.

Participants: volunteers aged between 18-30 years old from all EU program countries

Topics of the project: ecology, environment protection, culture & creativity

How to apply: send your motivational letter and CV by e-mail to:

nikolay.ivanov80@gmail.com with a subject “Eco Energy”

Project details

This short-term ESC project enables volunteers to participate in our organization’s activities and cooperate with other institutions in order to organize local events. The project will take place in the town of Kazanlak (Bulgaria) and Srednogorovo village. It will be dealing with:

  • Carrying out outdoor activities by creating an eco-centre “Green Europe”, which will conduct eco-technologies such as composting, upselling, and others. Creating fences from old car tires and sticks, strengthening land masses, mulching, building raised beds, planting different crops, and building a dike.
  • Organizing discussions in the local schools focused on ecology.
  • Shooting and screening of eco movies.
  • Summer camps in the small villages.
  • Creating trash art items and other workshops.
  • Organizing events with the local community.
  • Cleaning nature (collecting trash) in the area.
  • Preparation of winter meat (canning).
  • Cutting, varnishing.
  • Creating houses for homeless dogs in the dog shelter.

For more details, you can see:

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