“112” is a training for youth workers it will take place at Varhovrah, Bulgaria (near Perushtitsa the region of Plovdiv) from 7th may 2021 till 17th may 2021(including one day for travel).

Project summary:

The project aims are developing various skills and competences of youth workers related to first aid, risk management and managing with difficult situations.

Three experienced trainers will provide the participants with the necessary information and will help them enhance their abilities through the methods of non-formal and informal education. After the course, the youth workers will know more about civil protection, they know more about how to prevent risk situations, and how to make the other members of their organizations aware of these issues. As part of the dissemination of the results, a short movie and an online platform will be created and popularized in their countries.

If you want to see details go to the InfoPack link below:

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