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Young Digital Guardians

Title: “YoungDigitalGuardians”

Place: Murzasichle(Zakopane),Poland

Date: 20.04-28.04.2024

20.04.2024– arrival day

28.04.2024– departure day

Participants: 32youngpeople,18-27yearsold Partners: Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and Poland


Participants should be 18-27 years old, motivated to take part in all stages of the project (preparation, realization, followup), be able to communicate in English, the gender balance in the group is advisable but not compulsory.


The main goal of the project “Young Digital Guardians” is to increase the knowledge, awareness, and competences of project participants regarding the opportunities and threats related to the use of smart devices, digital tools, social media and the Internet. Due to the transition of everyday life to the online world, we are increasingly encountering ubiquitous disinformation. It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to distinguish between what is true and what is false, and the concept of fake news has become commonplace. The pandemy only intensified the phenomenon of transferring our activity to the digital world, making our activities, education or work completely dependent on being part of the digital world.

During the 7-days programme of the mobility participants will be included in different workshops and activities relevant to the main subject matter of the project. The facilitators team will use interesting nonformal learning methods adequate to the project topic and the profile of participants.

Apart from that, the participants will take part in many activities, both theoretical and practical:

presentations, brainstorming, workshops and discussions,

practicing DJI drones flying, orienteering game in Zakopane,

language animations, ice-breaking games,

trip to the mountains or sightseeing tour – depending on the weather conditions,

national evenings and group presentations as a support to international education of the participants

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