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Representatives of the YDCMA were invited by HE Caridad Yamira Cueto Milian – Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the Republic of Bulgaria for a cocktail party on the occasion of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and the Slavic alphabet. This is the second visit of youth workers to the embassy, ​​after the Days of Cuba organized in Kazanlak. The joint work will continue with planned events for the next three months, one for each of them. On July 26, we plan to have joint initiative as a part of the Eco Fest Kazanlak, which will be attended by international volunteers from Sweden, Egypt, Ukraine, Spain under the European Solidarity Corps project “Green Europe”.

Opportunities for Erasmus + youth exchanges and partnerships in higher education and the environment were discussed. “In Cuba we have a magnificent youth, brought up by the generation that carried out the Revolution. This generation has new broad horizons related to our children. Cuba is making great efforts to engage in global communication, although we have considerable financial constraints. In Cuba, all children are educated, we do not close schools. “- said N. Excellency

Maria Slavova – Chairperson of the YDCMA, presented a painting by the 16-year-old Leticia Dimitrova from the exhibition on the occasion of the Cuba Days in Kazanlak. Leticia attends Renina Art School at the Community Center “Vazrodena iskra”, led by Renina Lekova. Other gifts to HE Caridad Yamira Cueto Milian were the first and second parts of the books “I Serve You the Unspoken” and “Me and My Puzzles” by Rumen Somov and United Avangard Artist.

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