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What will you do after Quarantine is over?

Looking out the window, we’re all beginning to miss the great outdoors with many questions in mind. What will change? Will, in fact, anything actually change? What’s the first thing I’ll do when this pandemic ends? Which shop or bar will I visit first?

We want to share with you some of our answers to the question “What will I do when the quarantine ends?”

As someone who always enjoyed spending time at home writing, watching films and doing other indoors activities, the quarantine didn’t affect me as much as some of my friends. On the bright side, it gives me time to work on the novel I’m writing and study languages. One of the things I’m sure I’ll do as soon as quarantine ends is meet up with some of my friends at local bars and maybe attend a concert or two as well. I’ll also start visiting the outdoor gym more regularly because working out at home gets old and boring really fast. As for trips, I’ve wanted to visit Bucharest for a while, I’ll definitely pay it a visit if I get the chance before I leave Bulgaria. All in all, I don’t like to plan things ahead too much so I’ll just take it one day at a time when all of this is over.

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Rúben Pais

In these days, it’s quite hard to imagine how would be the life after pandemic because the future looks uncertain but isn’t really uncertain?

But for sure I think I would go to some park or travelling somewhere and have a big walkabout in some crowded street, Bulgarian bath or disco club and dance a lot.

After that, I hope I could do my improvised drama workshop in my EVS project but if it’s finished I will do it anyway in France and take lessons to do what I’m really passionate about and will not wait for doing it. I still want to know more about permaculture and practice it in some WWOOFing places in France or wherever I can: it’s usually organic farms with different values and that are looking for some volunteers to help them and generally, they providing you food and accommodation on the terrain and you will learn a lot of things there.

To conclude, I hope the pandemic would help me grow and make me stronger and involve me in this urgent need of community and solidarity I think we’re all looking for in this century.

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Angelique Wolf

The first thing that comes to my mind if I think of the first thing I want to do when this isolation overs, is to go to the beach. It is normal because I live on an island (Tenerife), and that plan means “freedom” for me and will be the best therapy. In fact, in my region, we usually say: “for everything bad “the sea”, for everything good “the sea”. Anyway, now I’m living in the central part of Bulgaria, and it is not that easy to go to the “beach” in one day. And although of that, I will go, when summer comes and we can travel around the country again, but it won’t be the first thing I will do.

So, the first thing I will do is go to a bar and have a beer with friends, hug them and talk close, less than a meter away. The next thing will be to eat at a restaurant. And later, I would like to go shopping in the second-hand stores that are in the city (in my hometown are not so common this kind of stores and I find them interesting). This was one of my plans about two weeks ago, just before the State of Emergency was decreed.

And finally, as I was saying, when travels in the country, will be allowed again, I want to travel on weekends to visit all the cities I want to discover: Sofia (incredible, but I still haven’t had time to visit the capital, I only spent a few hours there the day I arrive in Bulgaria), Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Burgas… As well as travels to some of the border countries: Greece, Romania, Turkey… As much as I can!

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Marta Valverde

There’s never been a better time to be an introvert. For people who are used to staying alone at home, the current coronavirus pandemic is, if not a dream come true, at least an opportunity to enjoy their interests.

But to face with quarantine could be a challenge or a nightmare for some of us, extraverts, to who enjoy being in company of others, or even  to who prefer staying out of their comfort zone.

For sure the situation makes a lot of  extraverts persons like me started to think about what to do after the pandemic, Here are some ideas about what came to my mind;

-Go out with friends to enjoy a shared dinner or a walk in the downtown.

-Traveling and discovering more the Balkan Peninsula as much as I can West of Bulgaria, and maybe more Serbia and Kosovo…

-Go to a sunny destination and lie on a beach, Burgas or Varna if I’m still in Bulgaria.

-Starting to look for some opportunities to do after my EVS for summer: Internships? Woofing, Helpx…

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Slim Messedi

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