Pandemic in Hungary and arriving in Bulgaria

   Pandemic was challenged for Hungarian society and economy as well as everywhere in the world. After the first shocking days (weeks) several initiatives have formed. Non-profit organisations have needed more help and lots of folks realized that this situation involves support and “community” way of thinking.

   Hungarian artists have continued their mission online. Singers and musicians sang and played, actors and actresses, read novels and tales from their homes. Teachers deal with distance education in an underdeveloped system, parents became teachers in a certain way, professionals tried to work online as much as they could and everybody tried to create a new pandemic style of living. As in many countries, we also have novelties based on this specific situation, e.g. regular clapping time for health care workers, development of bike paths exponentially. Plenty of nationalities have their own movements in this field and all of them are special as societies have become communities.

  Among online movements, we have a well-functioning one, it is called ‘#vegyélhazait’, which literally means to buy domestic products and use Hungarian services. It is awesome as we have direct contact with entrepreneurs. Closeness has become more and more important nowadays, especially during the pandemic.

  I have experienced how interests can be transformed instantly. My friends are passionate about improvisational theatre and they have created a ‘video-impro’ group. Since then, new friendships have been built and I have already adopted some community building games to my new multicultural volunteer life.

  As Hungarian, I came from a country similar to where the pandemic situation was not too tough. On the other hand, my journey to become a volunteer now in Bulgaria is a humongous story itself. I am pleased that I could come at the last moment. I love nature and small communities, that is why I chose the countryside and I enjoy being here. We have a close community related to volunteers, I have many friends after a few days and I like the activities we work on supporting people who live here.

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