Una voluntaria en Bulgaria

My name is Marta, I’m from Tenerife, Spain, and I have been a volunteer at the YDCMA organization since February 2020. Therefore, I had to live here, in Kazanlak, during the lockdown, and it was during that time that I had the idea of creating a blog about my life here as a volunteer and turning it into my personal project. 

Because I’m a journalist, I had always had the idea in my head, but since nowadays everyone can write a blog, I needed special and different content to start. And what better than my experience as a volunteer in this amazing country?

My goal is to share my adventures here with everyone and to make known both the country of Bulgaria and the European Solidarity Corps itself. Although for now, it is in Spanish, I am planning to do an English version too very soon.

You can visit it here:

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