Eko Festival Kazanlak 2019 – detailed program

Our Ekofest isn’t only some boring education. Contrary! Beside many actually interesting workshops, there will be everything that proper festival has to contain. Concerts, fire-show, buggy and horse riding, summer cinema, and all of this in the valley surrounded by mountains and roses. On top of everything is FREE entry and camping.

Come to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Balkan Mountains and rose valley while riding a horse and learning about living in harmony with animals. The mutual trust you build with the horse reminds people, that we are not the only on the planet, and teaches respect to animals. Make a trip to nearby Shipka and Buzludzha. Learn more about a sustainable and healthy lifestyle during our workshops, and relax and have fun at the concerts, shows and summer cinema. The program is suitable for all age categories. For those who don’t want to stay in the camp, there are several hotels in Kazanlak.

Caps for Kazanlak

Bring plastic caps from drinking bottles to the Ekofest and contribute to a better environment! The long-held initiative aims to collect 1,1 tons of caps which then will be given to a private company for another use for 500 BGN. The money will be given to a charity project elected by citizens.

We are collecting plastic caps of mineral waters, hand creams, softeners and liquid detergents, jars for coffee, vinegar, and oil, oxygen water and alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, natural juices, beer and others.

Eko Festival Kazanlak 2019
4th – 7th July
Place: On the way to the village “Enina”, near tennis courts


Drinks and fast food corner, restaurants, and hotels, chemical toilets, charging spot, showers in Sport Stadium


Thursday 4th July

10:00-12:00Workshops in Daily care center for disabled youth and children
10:00-17:00Building up youth camp and yurt house
21:30-22:00Small Stage with M.N.I.M&West
22:00-23:00Concert of group “Le’Push
23:00Summer cinema with a movie “What is the happiness?” created by EVS volunteer Antoaneta Toncheva

Friday 5th July

10:00-11:00 Workshops with Daily care center for disabled youth and children
11:00-12:00Recycling paper and jewelry making with Kindergarten
10:00-22:00Horse riding
22:00-23:00Fire show with Fire Foundation

Saturday 6th July

9:30Registration for volleyball competition for 12-13 years old
09:45-14:30 Cleaning of the park Tulbe – meeting point at parking in the park
10:00-22:00Horse riding
15:00-19:00Buggy driving
16:00-18:00Workshops with EVS volunteers. Making bread, music workshop with a band „D.VINE”
19:00Presentation of the book “I was a DJ” with Vasil Gromkov (DJ VaGro)
21:30DJ set by Vasil Gromkov (DJ VaGro)
22:00Concert of the group „D.VINE”
23:30DJ party with Vasil Gromkov (DJ VaGro)

Sunday 7th July

10:00-14:30 Cleaning of the camp and going back home
10:00-15:00Horse riding – Thracian spirits

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