HELP- “Healthy environment, Less Pollution”

From 12 to 22 November 2018, the youth exchange “HELP – Healthy Environment, Less Pollution” was held in Campania, Romania, the organizer of the event is “Together – Romania”. The main theme of this project is related to environmental protection and the consequences of its pollution. The participants were from 5 countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Estonia and Slovakia. The program was based on non-formal learning and included various activities such as Treasure hunt, lectures at two local high schools, various games based on the idea of ​​preserving the environment, As a final product of the exchange, the whole team developed an informational website on the topic, objectives and activities of the project and its participants. We have learned to promote and implement separate waste collection and to reduce and control waste in uncontrolled landfills and to disseminate information to the local community for separate collection and recycling of waste. During the project we created our own ecological republic named Utopia. We had to make a constitution concept divided into several groups. The most interesting idea that we came up with was the creation of an utopian anarchy. Another activity was the discovery of the fourth “R” in “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” as it had to be related to ecology. Among the ideas were React, Rethink, Regrow, Replant, Read. All participants presented their countries at cultural evenings with presentations, food, drinks and games showing the best of the participant countries in the project. Also, to go deeper into the culture of the host of the project – Romania, we had visits to Bucharest and Brasov organized. As a result of the project, the whole team is committed to promoting environmental thinking among local communities.

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