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         Something that has intrigued me about the house where me and the rest of the volunteers are staying at is the solar energy system. There are two types installed: one for heating the water and the other for generating electricity which can be used for everything – lights, appliances, charging electronic devices, etc.

         Among all the benefits of these panels, the most important one is that solar power is a truly renewable energy source – it can be harvested in all areas of the world and it’s available every day. We never run out of solar energy, unlike some of the other sources such as fossil fuels, for example. In this polluted world, each individual should think of alternatives regarding attitudes that focus on nature protection – being environmental conscious is critical in order to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Everyone can get benefits from these actions, since they usually end up being wallet-friendly too.


        Our group of volunteers is sharing all daily tasks, and gathering drinking water from the Lion Fountain is one of the most important ones. Sadly, the water we get from our house’s tap isn’t perfectly good for our consumption, so we only end up using it for cleaning.

         However, with more than 20 people living together in the same place, drinking water disappears pretty fast. We had teams of 2 people going to the city center almost on a daily basis, refilling the 6 water jugs we had previously purchased from the store. This ended up consuming a huge chunk of time and energy, therefore, the long-term volunteers came up with a better idea: getting a water filter.

         Eventually all of us agreed with the proposal and ordered it online, splitting the cost amongst everyone. The group was quite pleased with the new successful solution, since it was much more efficient and eco friendly. This way, we can continue avoiding plastic waste and have more time to focus on other alternatives to protect the environment.

Author: Rasheed

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