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Suggested by Ruben, a long term volunteer in Kazanlak, we planned a weekend in Burgas in order to enjoy the sea sight of Bulgaria and to meet other volunteers from Stara Zagora. We were 11 volunteers joining for this amazing weekend. Few days before leaving we booked an Airbnb and an hostel for all of us and we all agreed to go to Burgas by train, from Kazanlak, on Friday night. It was a pleasant trip, we sit all together in the same cabin and enjoy our way. We had a beautiful view over the Balkans mountains. 

We finally arrived in Burgas around midnight. By hearing the seagulls and feeling the breeze of the sea, we knew we had arrived. Restaurants weren’t open anymore so we find a small kebab shop next to the main street and enjoy our first meal in Burgas with friendly wild cats around us. We all find our accommodation that we booked and enjoy our first night in Burgas. 

Together, we started the next day going to the beach and feel the warm water of the Black Sea. Although the foggy weather at that morning, the temperature outside and in the sea was very pleasant. We were part of the few people already awake in the city so we had lot of free space in the sand and in the sea. Around 10am we decided to follow Google maps suggestions and went for a brunch at Butler’s Coffee&Kitchen. We found it really cosy and many options were available for each diet regime. 

Under the sun, already very shiny, we went for a sightseeing in the port, the most important port in Bulgaria, and in the Sea Garden. Across the garden, we could contemplate the several sculptures made out of rock alongside the park, as well as the Pantheon of the Fallen Antifascists. One of the main attraction of Burgas is the pier, a long and beautiful bridge, where you feel like walking towards the sea. There we could take many photos of the landscape and the jelly fishes we met. Maybe that is why it is forbidden to jump from there or to swim at that place.

Once we finished, we splitted in two groups: one who wanted to visit the museums of the city and another one who decided to reach the saltworks. Part of the saltworks group, we had a long walk trip until our destination. On our way, we had the opportunity to see the Burgas Sandfest where were settled sand sculptures. In the middle of the afternoon we had a lunch in a restaurant next to the beach where we tried some local fish and dishes. The beach was already full of people when we went to another swim. The water was still amazing so we spent a really good time there. During our long walk alongside the sea we found ourselves in a nudist beach, surprising everyone of us. We also found a draw in the sand made by reused bottle caps.


Finally we could reach the saltworks and for only 2 Leva we visited them and we experienced a new thing. As many people there, we put the mud of the saltworks floor in our skin and enjoy the feeling of having a softer skin after it. Thank to the high amount of salt in the water we were able to float and completely relax all our muscles! After a short shower with clear water we stayed for an ice cream break, enjoying the sunset view that we had just in front of us. 

Meanwhile we were enjoying the relaxation experience of the Saltworks, other volunteers were discovering the city and its stories through the ethnographic and the archeological museum of Burgas. They met with the other volunteers from Stara Zagora and went for a walk on the pier of Burgas in order to enjoy the beautiful view of the almost full moon and the moonglate over the sea. 

From the saltworks we took a taxi and join the other volunteers on the bridge of Burgas before going together to a restaurant named Happy, which already sounded great for all of us! After dinner we drunk a Bulgarian beer together with our new friend, a dutch we met at the hostel. After that nice moment, we decided to end the night in a karaoke bar. We had a lot of fun all together singing Bon Jovi, ABBA and Queen songs! 

On Sunday, we got up early (regarding the time we went to sleep) to enjoy the sea sight and the beach before leaving. After a lunch, we went to the train station and went back to Kazanlak. At the end of the weekend all we could still wish was that every other volunteers could have joined in this amazing trip. Burgas is a wonderful sea city and we really enjoyed to visit it! 

Author: Tiago and Marion

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