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Today we want to show you how to cook “Аrepas”! It is a typical Venezuelan dish, although it is also very common for the Canary Islands and also in other parts of the world. It consists of a kind of bread that is filled as if it were a sandwich or a burger. It is very simple to prepare, the only essential requirement is to use cornflour (in addition to water, salt, and the ingredients for the filling). If you use another type of flour, it will not be “arepas”!

For the filling, you can use the ingredients that you want. The most common are shredded beef meat with cheese or shredded chicken meat with avocado, but here we show you two other options that are very easy to make.

So, watch the video and let’s do it! “Arepas” are a very good option for a snack or dinner, although you can really eat them whenever you want, especially in these days ?

For the dough:

– 400 gr of cornflour.

– Water (add little by little).

– Salt.

For the filling:

– 1 onion.

– 1 red pepper.

– 1 green pepper.

– 1 tomato.

– 1 can of tuna.

– 2 eggs.

– Salt.

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