Epochal Talks, an inspiring event in Burgas

Right by the Black Sea, inside the Sea Garden in Burgas, the ⅔ of the team of (Ángela and Fernando) spend few days around the city, participating in the Epochal Talks, the personal project of our Turkish EVS volunteer friend, Enes Tezcan.

Do you know about TED Talks? Well, if so you know already a bit of what we are talking about, for those who don’t know, TED Talks are organized all around the world where inspiring stories and ideas are shared, you can visit your nearest local talk or just watch it online here

The idea of Enes was to create a space where everyone could share their ideas, experience and knowledge to inspire and inform the local community and he did greatly! With the help of friends, his Receiving Organization and the Burgas Municipality he organized an afternoon full of inspiration!

Enes’s event was called “Epochal Talks”, something ‘epochal’ is unique or has a high importance. And certainly a team of 5 of speakers shared with the audience unique short talks about various topics as courage, veganism, hitchhiking, photography and of course volunteering!

They shared with us inspiring and emotive stories, tips and know-how but the most interesting part was happening after the talks were we had the opportunity to ask questions and create a bit of debate. Probably the most controversial but also inspiring talk was about veganism. Alex, an Spanish EVS volunteer from Razlog shared with us his point of view on the topic, explaining and giving us plenty of facts why we need to try to shift away from a society based on animal suffering.

Although team was initially invited to Burgas just to cover the event, in the last minute, I decided to give a talk about analog photography. During my talk I decided to talk what make it special in this digital era and why was is important to keep it alive, because in the end analog photography is the origin of photography as we know it today! And of course I did a bit of self-promotion, why not? I show my photography work and Instagram profile, which is @film.lav, just in case you are wondering.

Overall we had a really good time, we were really happy to participate in this event and we wish all the best to Enes, as he is finishing already his EVS project in Burgas. If you would like to get in contact with him, just check out his Instagram, @enstzcn, where he post awesome photos, go follow him!

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