Travelling in time – trip to Stara Zagora

While being a volunteer in Kazanlak, it would be a pity not to visit Stara Zagora located just 40 minutes by bus. It is because in Stara Zagora you do not travel just geographically, but also through several time periods. You can find yourself in different parts of history and see their effect on the city and its surrounding.

I wanted to explore all these parts linked to the prehistoric, Thracian, and Roman periods, therefore my first steps led to Antique Forum Augusta Traiana. It is located in the city centre and there is no way you would avoid it – also you should not. In ancient times it represented cultural and entertainment centre for its inhabitants and now it is one of the must-see places.

However, what surprised me the most is the greenery, as it is a city of numerous parks. The most famous is the huge Ayazmoto – The Metropolitan Methodii Kusev Park which belongs to one of the most spacious parks in Bulgaria. It attracts its visitors with a huge variety of plant and animal species as well as with its landmarks where many people enjoyed spring and sunny weather.

Even though it is a bit far from the centre, it is definitely worth seeing the Samara flag monument. It takes more than 30 minutes to get there by walk but as a reward, the concrete structure of impressive size awaited me. It is considered a symbol of resistance and courage of Bulgarian men who perished during the battle with the Ottomans. After conquering around hundred steps it offers a great view of Stara Zagora and its surrounding landscape.

The last point of my trip was the Regional Museum of History located in the city centre. It contains more than a hundred thousand artefacts mapping the rich history of this region. As I was the only person in the museum, I could enjoy it without crowds. Even though I did not have a chance to visit them, there are more museums worth seeing, for example, The Neolithic Dwelling Museum, The Museum of Religions or Beerʾs Museum for beer lovers as Stara Zagora has been home to Zagorka Brewery. But I am keeping these on my bucket list for my next visit to Stara Zagora. Anyway, spending one day here offers the opportunity to see much – enjoying nature, walking along the city centre and watching people wandering past, getting to know history, or just moving on foot and getting to know the town on a more personal level.

Adriána Čigášová

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