Bulgarian traditions

Bulgaria is an unknown country by Western European tourists. Instead of that, this marvelous region is full of groundbreaking stories. Are you interested in curiosities and traditions? Follow me! One of them is the following: If you are taking a quiet walk around Bulgarian cities, you´ll see hundreds of pictures (it could be shocking and creepy for tourists) on walls, trees and around fountains. People put them up in memory for their deads. Another groundbreaking tradition is that in this country´s mythology; there is a famous spring god called Baba Marta. People worship her and before spring they set bracelet in trees brunches and bushes, around the forest, and the countryside. When rose flower season starts, people begin picking them up and putting them on their wrist. The spring has started! Finally, if your want to take a relaxing bath in this location, probably your bathroom will flood. In Bulgaria, the bathrooms are opened and without separation. Take care and good luck!

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