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YDCMA in a youth exchange in Slovakia

Картинката не може да има празен alt атрибут; името на файла е 003_mladejki_obmen_01.jpg

Between the 7th and 17th of October 2017 thanks to the Erasmus + program a youth exchange program organised by the Slovakian NGO Step took place.

The hosts gathered 30 participants between the ages of 15 and 25 from six European counties: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Lithiania, Poland and Slovakia. The exchange took place in the small and cosy town of Snina.

The five Bulgarian participants were sent there as representatives of YDCMA. The exchange aimed to present the participants with the essence of what being an european citizen is and the responsibility that comes with that. As a part of the work process the different teams presented their cultures, languages and traditions to the other paricipants. This is possible thanks to the so called “Nights of the nationalities”. Each night the team that is presenting has to inform the others about the most typical thing for their country. Apart from the cultural integration, this exchange this exchange gives the participants the opportunity to get to know the main methods and techniques for video recording and creating a performance / performing through dance, drama, photography and song.

During the workshops, in the form of non-formal learning, they went through the main stages required to make a presentation. Working together, they overcame all the steps needed to achieve this: planning, filming, post-production and promoting the finished product. The results of these workshops were presented to the public, namely the local school called “Cyril and Methodius”.

In addition, they had the opportunity to engage in a range of activities, both theoretical and practical: presentations, orientation in the project city, language and “ice breaking” games, workshops and discussions, traveling to castles, visiting a local career and the local museum of mining and iron. The group also visited memorable cities such as Budapest, the Aviation Museum in Kosice and the capital of the Republic of Serbia – Belgrade.

Картинката не може да има празен alt атрибут; името на файла е 003_mladejki_obmen_02.jpg
Картинката не може да има празен alt атрибут; името на файла е 003_mladejki_obmen_03.jpg
Картинката не може да има празен alt атрибут; името на файла е 003_mladejki_obmen_04.jpg

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