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Exchange “Gender Equality Now” Romania

Картинката не може да има празен alt атрибут; името на файла е 004_Valea_Doftanei_01.jpg

A youth exchange under the Erasmus + program took place in the picturesque valley of the Doftanei River (Romania), with representatives of Turkish, Slovak, Romanian Finnish and Bulgarian NGOs.

The topic of the project was gender equality and the obstacles it faces. “Gender Equality Now” presented young people with an opportunity to learn more about gender discrimination and the policies fighting it, through presentations, artistic projects, trainings and group work.

The project, which brought all the young people to the picturesque village of Traisteni, is the Together Romania Association, which is one of the new partners of YDCMA for European projects.

A product of the participants’ work is a brochure designed to be of use in future cases of discrimination. Meanwhile the Bulgarian representatives can show off eith over 1500 photos, several artistic projects, successful presentation of the state and strong international friendships.

An important part of the youth exchange were the national cultural nights, in which every team presented something their country is known for, its people’s traditions, arts and distinctive features. They led to attempts being made by other teams to dance Bulgarian folklore dances, to pronounce Bulgarian sayings, to get acquainted with the beauty of the country’s nature and promises were even made about visiting Bulgaria.

In conclusion, we:

Boryana Borisova;

Vasil Elkhovski;

Emel Tisova;

Stanislava Toneva;

Yanitsa Georgieva;

The team that represented Bulgaria in the Gender Equality Now youth exchange in Romania, would like to express our sincere gratitude to the organization of which we are members – Mutual Assistance Kazanluk and we are looking forward to further adventures in the youth programs.

Картинката не може да има празен alt атрибут; името на файла е 004_Valea_Doftanei_01.jpg

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