The “Deep roots” project continues for the third year

The volunteers under the “Deep roots” project of the Erasmus+ program have arrived in Kazanlak. The project’s beneficiary is the organization YDCMA acting with the financial support of the Human Resource Development Center and the municipality of Kazanlak as an associated partner.

            Among this year’s volunteers, we have university students from Yemen, Bangladesh, Pakistan and a Columbian arriving from Spain. Since 2018 in the course of three years a total of 41 volunteers have come to Kazanlak and this year they have the official status of humanitarian workers. For two months they will actively be taking part in the organization of the 10th Eco Festival in Kazanlak. The festival itself will be taking place between the 10th of July and the 5th of August 2020. It will begin at 10 o’clock on the 10th of July and will include 10 thematical activities including:

  • organizing an initiative “Without money”
  • fun activities for children with a focus on ecology
  • presenting the countries of the volunteers
  • musical and cinema nights where the eco movie “2040” will be shown along with movies made by the volunteers
  • screenings of Rumen Somov’s movie “Shipka: The heart of Bulgaria”
  • discussion of topics like “Life with zero waste” – practical advice on how to reduce our daily waste”
  • workshops for creating eco bags and toothpaste
  • a “10 years of Eco Festival” exhibition
  • a flashmob

The activities and the work around the festival will be covered by our volunteers on our media as part of another 10-month project of the “European Solidarity Corps” program.

            The local community will have an opportunity to get to know the volunteers during our events where their countries will be presented. YDCMA has requested help from the countries’ embassies in Bulgaria for these events. A more detailed schedule for the festival will be released by the organization in 10 days.

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