WARNING: latest news about Tony in Slovenia!

How is my project going to date? Hmm … the subject is very extensive. I am currently in Zagoret Savi, Slovenia, and participate in an EVS project related to creativity and youth work. After 5 months here at the moment one of my working weeks looks like this…

  • Monday at 08:00. my working day starts at the House for Disadvantaged People where we work together. They have different types of activities. Starting from the art sector, to more technical works. Many people even live there, and in gratitude for their work they receive food, room, various excursions and activities during their free time. At lunchtime we go to a common room where we eat and with about 10 participants we do Bulgarian lessons. Then I return to the Youth Center (where my permanent job is) and prepare my presentations for the next week at school, help with the preparation of events that we run during the week, write my blog and so on.


  • On Tuesday at 08:00. I am in one of the 3 local secondary schools where I have 6 school hours. My job here is as an assistant teacher in English classes of two teachers and one teacher in mathematics. So far I have been doing presentations on nature, geography, shopping centers, my life, presenting some of my own projects, singing “Two peaches and two cherries”, making a presentation for Alexander Nevsky, which included mathematical tasks on his architecture and many more interesting activities. At the end of the classes, we have a short meeting in the teacher’s room and discuss the program for the next week. Very nice, every time I’m greeted with coffee and at 10:00 we have breakfast together.
  • From Wednesday to Friday I’m in MC ZOS, MladinskicenturZagorjeobSavi. Here, my current job is the installation of the movie “What is happiness?” Which I shot in London at the Museum of Happiness last week. This is my personal project that I wrote in the last few weeks, and it was handled by my coordinator and the director of the organization. The first task was to do my study in Zagore, because it was good, I got permission to go ahead. Here’s a link where you can see it:

I will enjoy the opinion and support of everyone J Thank you. Be prepared for more news in the near future. Greetings to Sofia and Kazanlak!



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