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One of the principles of the European Union is to support young peoples. They need this support, with their education, their jobs and to start a family. That is why the Youth in Action Program was created, which was later called Erasmus + and is now it is referred to as European Solidarity Corps.

But can the young peoples work in politics on their own? This is a big problem all over Europe. Usually young people need a lot of time to gain the trust of the big political parties. Experienced politicians rarely give younger people a chance. They think that young people are too naive and are not realistic.

I think that young people can create political parties themselves and work on what excites them the most. You just need to have the desire to do it. Why should we be members of large parties? They will not hear our voice there. It is better to organize ourselves.

But politics is not just about joining a party. It is also politics to choose, to know what you want from politicians. This is another big problem – do young people have the motivation to vote?

Young people follow what the more experienced people around them do. If their parents always vote, then they will vote too. If their parents are passive, then the young will be passive. That’s why change starts with older people, with people with a lot of experience. They can help young people to become more involved in politics.

Do young people benefit from politics? There are benefits, but they must be well educated and trained. Not everyone can become a politician. A young person must read a lot about history, law, economics. This way he or she will be able to think about new policies. They must know well the needs of the young people in the country. Politics is thinking about everyone, not just yourself. Via politics we do not only solve our personal problems, but the problems of the whole society. This is a difficult task.

Young people are energetic and enthusiastic. This potential must be used for good. Let them be given a chance not only to come up with ideas, but to be party leaders. They can do it!

The article is part of the project “Forest tale” of AYVOB, funded by ESC of the EU.

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