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Sozopol, an air of the Riviera in Bulgaria

Located on a peninsula on the Black Sea, the old town of Sozopol is one of the most envied destinations in Bulgaria. Its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and traditional 19th century wooden houses never fail to charm visitors. Painters, poets and writers frequently come to stay here, finding rest and inspiration in this picturesque setting. Some may be put off by the summer tourist crowds, but Sozopol is much more than just a seaside resort, and with a history that began thousands of years ago, this charming town has many assets.

Venture into the ancient cobblestone streets of Sozopol, to discover the remains of this thousand-year-old city. Its old dark wooden houses perfectly preserved and its fortifications overlooking the Black Sea draw a splendid landscape. Don’t forget the Ravadinovo Castle, the churches and chapels on the street corners, and the beautiful beach of Kavatsite!

But that’s not all: in 2012, archaeological excavations have uncovered a skeleton, whose heart had been pierced with an iron bar. It is said to be the remains of Krivich, a character known for his cruelty. Once dead, the inhabitants would have pierced his heart to prevent his ghost from haunting the walls of the city. Sozopol still seems to have many secrets to reveal…

If I haven’t convinced you yet, here are four reasons why you should visit Sozopol:

– Because it is at the crossroads of a Greco-Roman civilization

The origins of Sozopol date back to the 12th century BC, but it is established that it was in 620 BC that the Greeks founded Apollonia Pontika in the name of the God Apollo. Apollonia was the largest and richest city on the Black Sea coast. It was a flourishing artistic and commercial center. Later renamed “Sozopolis”, it became the most important port on the Bulgarian coast. From this period testifies an exceptional number of archaeological finds: coins, amphoras, anchors of ships, various objects. It has become a beautiful city and you will love it!

– Because it is the city of salvation

If you want to break away from the usual daily life and smell the history, Sozopol is what you need. A Thracian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, but above all Bulgarian city, the archaeological discoveries never cease to attract new visitors. The relics of St. John the Baptist were found next to the city of Sozopol, on the island of St. John. They were exhibited in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, where thousands of pilgrims come to worship every year. Today, these sacred objects are displayed in the Church of St. Cyril and St. Methodius.

– For its cultural wealth will seduce you

Sozopol attracts by the charm of the old streets of the city. It will delight art and history lovers with historical monuments, religious temples, the 200 houses built in the middle of the 18th century as well as art galleries that are offered to them. The archaeological museum with its collections of Elinian ceramics designed and precious ancient objects will dazzle you!

– Because there is the pretty town of Sozopol

It is not without reason that Sozopol attracts an impressive number of tourists every year during the summer season. More than arguments, its assets are a sufficient reason to try the adventure. Indeed, a unique architecture, an attractive nightlife, beautiful beaches, restaurants perched on the sea with a breathtaking view and many other assets have ensured the city’s reputation. And if your stay coincides with the famous Apollonia festival in Sozopol, you will experience a beautiful festival of the arts where the great Bulgarian voices meet for a breathtaking concert.

Lucile Casamajor

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