Mutual Aid Reports

Volunteers collected and gave clothes for little children

Another initiative of the YDCMA is already working. After the event “No money for newborns” was held on December 12th, everyone could donate their clothes for the newborns to the city or to the hospital in Stara Zagora. Representatives of the youth organization had the good fortune to donate the collected clothes for newborns to the University Hospital “Professor Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich” in Stara Zagora. This event is another one for this year, but for the first time, it has a specific cause, namely to help the youngest who dress up with the hospital team during their stay after birth.

The first initiative was aimed at the exchange of belongings, regardless of their purpose and interest among the people was very large, and clothes for children prevailed, so the idea for this successive (but this time more donor) initiative was born. And so a week later, on Christmas Eve, the donation is already a fact.

“We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the donors on behalf of the hospital team and we look forward to getting involved in this type of initiative in the future. May the coming holidays not be the only excuse for your charity, “YDCMA team shares.

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